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Original paintings

Exclusive original paintings made with a lot of love and attention to details.

They are all unique pieces that tell an own story made out of dreams, thoughts and experiences.

They bring you to a world where all are equal, indifferent from color of the skin, gender or specie. To a world where everybody is living their full potential and dreams come true.

Here you can find a wide range of works from art made on paper to big canvases.

All original pieces are packed securely and ship insured with a tracking number.

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All original paintings:

You did not find what you look for? Would you like to have a custom painting?

I can make a special painting just for you. We can talk about the colours, motive, size, material and you can follow up the process, so that everything turns out the way you imagine. 

The price depends on the size and motive, but as a general direction: I charge 0,50 Euro pro cm². The smallest possible painting on canvas is 20 cm x 20 cm.

If you order a custom painting, you have to pay 50% in the beginning and the remaining 50%, when the picture is ready to ship. I will start to work only after recieving the initial deposit, and I will only ship the ready painting after the full amount is paid. 

The initial deposit is non-refundable upon cancelling the custom order, but you can use it for any other products in the shop. 

Depending on the size and motive, a custom painting takes 1 to 4 monthes to complete. 

Contact us with your request here:

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