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Street magician – mixed media oil painting on canvas (50 cm x 70 cm)



Size: 50 cm x 70 cm

Material: structure paste, acrylic and oil paint on stretched canvas with a 2 cm frame

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What makes a city so magical, is it the people that live in it? Or is is also the countless animals that share the streets with us? I think it is both, and much more, the lights, the theaters, the signs and the smell of fast food in the air.

I always loved cities, but I not always loved pigeons. Since I became vegan a few years ago, I started to appreciate all living beings and look for the little wonders they carry.
Did you know that pigeons are highly intelligent birds, that can recognize 26 letters of the alphabet, they can differentiate between humans and recognize their own reflection in the mirror. They can see colors and even ultraviolet light, therefore they are often used in search and rescue missions on the sea.
They are excellent in finding places, they navigate by sensing the earth magnetic fields and use the sun for directions.

In this new series of paintings I depict people paired with animals to show that we all are connected, we share this beautiful planet and therefore we should pay attention and take care of each other. And simply open our eyes, see animals at the same level with us and discover the amazing potential they have.

This painting is made using Grafit and sand structure paste, acrylic and oil colors.


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