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Hey you, we are Zoé und Joshua (and little Hugó).

If you think that life is beautiful, that dreams can come true and there are no borders, then you are on the good place.


It all started with love at the first sight. We met in the hottest September, that Budapest ever saw. It was 2012 and since then so many things has happened and nothing is like before.

We bought together an old Volkswagen T3, built it to our little home on four wheels and started to travel. We saw the thousand stars of the Orient and slept on lonely beaches on the end of the world. 


Then we got a property in Portugal. The topics on Blueberry Beach changed. We wrote about our off-grid life in the nature paradise. About how we build a house with our own hands and about how three years of drought and fire changed everything. We lived this dream so long until we realised that we dreamed it to the end. We sold everything and started to travel again. 

Like always, we followed the flow and came in the end to Germany. Hier we founded in Bremen in the middle of the blooming Überseestadt our first gallery. For many years already people asked us again and again if they could buy the photos from the blog as art print. 

Zoé was exhibiting her paintings all around Europe. Now it was time to make the next step. We realised that we were so full with impressions and ideas that we needed the time and place to process in art everything that we experienced.

Additionally we started to exhibit on festivals and selected fairs.

And the product palette of Blueberry Beach slowly evolved. Extraordinary, unique and handmade originals, sustainable art prints on bamboo paper, double sided postcards and handpainted clothes. 

Our products are all vegan and sustainable. This is very important for us. We live for many years vegan and this is one of the best decisions we ever made. By the way it is a decision that can be made in any moment Übrigens eine Entscheidung, die man jeden Moment treffen kann, für die es nie zu spät ist und mit der man sofort Leben rettet und Grausamkeit beendet.

Wir unterstützen gerne andere Projekte, die uns mit ihrer Idee begeistern und inspirieren. So arbeiten wir schon zusammen mit Schokuhminza. Das sind wundervolle Leute, die missbrauchten Nutztieren dabei helfen, ein neues Zuhause zu finden, wo sie geliebt werden und frei und glücklich leben dürfen. Für jedes Produkt mit unserem “ACAB – All Cows are Beautiful”, gehen 30% Einkommen zu ihne

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