Blueberry Beach is sustainable, vegan, family owned company.

Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Zoé and Joshua. We have a little son, Hugó. We live and create in Leipzig. But we also love to travel together around the world. We love art, to paint, write and to make music.

Blueberry Beach is a result of 8 years of travel around the world. It all started in 2012 in Budapest, when we met. It was the hottest September ever, after an adventurous summer and it was love at the first sight.

We bought an old Volkswagen T3, built it to our little home on four wheels and hit the road. We saw the thousand stars of the Orient and slept on endless beaches at the end of the world.

Our old Volkswagen Transporter that brought us around the world

We wanted to show people , that everything is possible and dreams can come true. It was time for a LoveRevolution.

One step was to found Blueberry Beach to reach more people.

It started first as a travel blog, where you could follow our journey with the van.

Later when we bought a property in the nature reserves of Portugal, the blog took a permaculture, offgrid living direction. We built a house with our own hands, lived this dream to the end and sold our land.

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Our house in Portugal.

Two years ago we came to Germany, where we first lived in Bremen. Here we founded a gallery. We exhibited our paintings, artworks and upcycled clothes on selected art and vegan fairs.

Art prints of our original paintings
Upcycled clothes

All our products are vegan. This is very important for us. We are living vegan by ourselves for a few years and it was one of the best decisions we made in our lives.
We are continuously looking for cool projects to support. Right now we are already cooperating with Schokuhminza, a wonderful foundation to help abused farm animals to find a new home, where they are loved and can live free and happy. If you buy the products ‘ACAB – All Cows are Beautiful’, 30% of the income goes to them.

Our products are sustainable. We print on recycled paper and look for treasures to upcycle. We do not use plastic packaging and continuously work on decreasing the ecological footprint of our company.

All the items are made with love. They are a result of our never ending journey. They are unique, have a soul and an own story to tell.