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Blueberry Beach ist an alternative gallery and open studio. But it is so much more. It is a result of a travel around half of the world, big defeats and even bigger successes. It is a call for more love and less hate and it is a proof that everything is possible. It is our contribution to create a better world together.

We are Zoé Keleti and Joshua Parksteinhoff, two artists based in Leipzig, Germany. 

All our ptoducts are vegan and sustainable. They tell a unique story, made out of our dreams, thoughts and experiences. They are a piece of our heart and a part of our soul.

Fine Art Prints
Organic bags
vegan postcard set

In the blog you can read about our life as a freelance artist, get a view behind the scenes and you can participate live in the creation process. 

We share with you our experiences as a vegan family and our tries to live zero waste.

If you scroll back, you can read more about our travels around half of the world, about our earthship in Portugal and other adventures.

Simply, you can follow us on this beautiful journey called life. And do not be shy, comment and tell us about the topics you would like to read more. We are very happy to hear from you.


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