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One big family - a magical series of visual poems

 The “One big family” series is about our connection with nature that transcends the boundaries of species. I believe that seperation is just an illusion, and we are all one. 

We are brothers and sisters walking on this beautiful planet, no matter if we have 2 or 4 legs, no legs at all or are rooted in the ground.  It is possible to live in love and harmony with each other and create a world where we all can thrive, be happy and free and live our dreams. 

This is the reason why I called these series to life. I want to pour all the hope, light and love in me on the canvas and spread it out to the world. 

It is a series of 50 paintings on canvas made with mixed media and oil. Every single piece of them is a visual poem full of magic, love and unity.


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