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Into the wild: The doe-crowned beauty – original oil painting on canvas (60 cm x 80 cm)


Size: 60 cm x 80 cm

Material: oil paint on stretched canvas with a 2 cm frame

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This idea came to me when I was lying in fever in Vienna after an art show. Joshua was making a walk and I was alone in the hotel room with our sleeping child, Hugó. I was thinking about spirit animals, and remembered this Playmobil toy of Hugo, a shaman who was melted together with his spirit animal. I found it such a cool way to express that we are all connected, that I used it here.

This painting is capturing the essence of ethereal beauty and nature’s harmonious embrace.
The deer antlers  emerging from the woman’s head symbolize a profound connection with nature, blending effortlessly into her being.

What I love in this painting that it is radiating the tranquility and wisdom of the woodland surrounding her, you can hear the whispering leaves echoing their secret.

This painting evokes a sense of serene enchantment and invites you to explore the harmonious relationship between humans and nature. It speaks of a deep connection and reverence for the wilderness, where beauty and grace flourish amidst the wild majesty of the forest.


 Fall in love

You just feel it in your gut, the tingling butterflies and happy excitement when you look at a painting. Don‘t ignore the feeling. If the painting is out of your price range right now, ask for a payment plan. Original paintings are magical, they are created for one person and if it is you, you life will be changed by owning it and feeling the message of it every day.

Follow your heart

Great, you made the decision and listened to your heart to get the painting. Money is a means to enrich your live and art is an investment that brings you joy every  day. Now just sit back and wait until your painting is conveniently delivered to your door. Think about all the positive energy, revolutionary ideas and eye-opening realizations this painting will give you  and future generations.

Step into your destiny

Enjoy the magic of opening the box of your new painting. Choose the perfect spot intuitively and hang it on your wall. I suggest, you write down the thoughts, ideas and emotions you feel, because they are meaningful and powerful. This painting can give you strength to live your life to the fullest.

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