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Graceful Heights – original mixed media oil painting on canvas (80 cm x 80 cm)



Size: 80 cm x 80 cm

Material: collage and oil paint on stretched canvas with a 2 cm frame

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This painting brings you to a dreamlike realm where nature and human spirit harmoniously intertwine.

The giraffe, with its elongated neck reaching towards the sky, symbolizes grace, strength, and a connection to the spiritual realm. In her eyes you can see wisdom and serenity. The woman embodies a sense of ethereal beauty and harmony with nature.

The flowers are representing the vibrancy and vitality of life itself. Their presence serves as a testament to the woman’s connection with the natural world, as if the flowers have taken root in her very being.

The clouds in the background add an element of mystique and timelessness to the painting. Their softness create an atmosphere of serenity and wonder, hinting at the limitless possibilities of the world beyond our own.

The painting invites you to contemplate the deep interplay between humanity and nature. It celebrates the beauty and harmony found in the coexistence of diverse beings and encourages us to embrace our connection to the natural world, fostering a sense of reverence and appreciation for the ethereal wonders that surround us.


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