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Dark harmony – woman with crow oil painting in a golden antique frame


Size: 74 cm x 84 cm (size with frame)

Material: oil paint on wooden panel in antique frame

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In this painting you can discover the seeds of my upcoming series „One big family“, where I dive deeper into the connection of humans with nature.

This painting captures the spirit of crow conveying a sense of intelligence and ancient wisdom. The crow appears both as a companion and a guide, forming a mystical connection with the woman.

Together, the woman and the crow share a moment of profound connection under the mesmerizing glow of the full moon. The painting captures the essence of a mysterious and symbiotic relationship, as if they are bound by some unspoken understanding that transcends the boundaries of this world.

The painting is made on a wooden panel and it is framed in a beautiful golden antique frame.

It is of course possible to purchase only the painting without the frame (the price is the same).




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