follow your heart

Today we decided to move out of our house sharing project. Long time overdue step and it feels really good. […]

Warrior of joy

My name is Wojciech – derives from the ancient Slavic language. It means – The Warrior of Joy. “The one […]

live simply

“Life is too short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. And never regret anything that made you […]

Happy Birthday Skilo

Unbelievable but true. For now already  14 years this fellow makes planet earth to a better place. Time to say […]

colours and love

We started the LoveRevolution in Bremen in the biggest garden in town: Port Piet, a cozy restaurant, next to the […]

Freedom for Ágnes Geréb

(This article is also available in Hungarian. A cikk magyar változatáért kattints ide: Szabadságot Geréb Ágnesnek!) A few days ago […]

Day 5 – Like the sunshine

Today it was rainy, so we used the opportunity to work on the video of Joshua’s new song, Like the […]