Day 3: Pineapple Christmas

 A lot of love to all of you! We hope, you all had a great day. We made the best […]

No donkey is illegal

Today is the day of human rights. We are happy for this. Every human should have equal rights. No matter what […]

One bag for a night

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other […]

Rendezvous with an elephant

Yesterday we visited a magical place. It is a beautiful valley next to the Balaton. In 1992 the International Society […]

LoveRevolution is rising

Right now we bring the LoveRevolution to the Balaton. Until now we started a counter project to all the hatred […]

LoveRevolution on Instagram

Finally the time has come! The LoveRevolution also starts on Instagram. Follow us: Love and kisses, Zoé and Joshua

Into the clouds

Imagine, yesterday we came back from another epic travel. First we went with the train to Budapest. There we walked […]

hard working day

Because every day matters every day we learn something new every day we love each other every day we save […]