Rendezvous with an elephant

Yesterday we visited a magical place. It is a beautiful valley next to the Balaton. In 1992 the International Society for Krishna Consciousness bought it an built up a center for indian culture and an eco farm.

This time there was a big fair in the valley. Already since we arrived to the Balaton, we saw everywhere placates about it. So we decided to have a look and we did not regret.

The valley is very peaceful, a little river is running next to gentle slopes full of flowers and on a little lake with sea roses stands a pavilion, that invites you to meditate, to enjoy and to have a rest.

You can imagine, that cows also play a big role in the Krishna valley. The people here realize that every animal and every plant has a soul and try to treat them with love and respect. We only saw the stable of the cows and it was amazing. Three years ago we also worked on a farm in the mountains of Switzerland and compared to this, the cows in the Krishna valley live in heaven.

We were really lucky and met Asita Krishna Swami and Caitanya Candra das. We asked them if they would be open for an interview and had a very interesting conversation with them. We learned much about their life, the history of the Krishna valley and about respect for each other. We discovered that we are going completely different ways in our lives but with the same goal. We also discovered that by many differences, we have some very interesting meeting points. For example they also think that the time from 3.30 to sunrise is the most value time of the day. Just that they wake up at this time and we are used to go to bed.

Asita Krishna Swami is a monk, devoting his whole life to Krishna. This is what his orange robe symbolizes. He is from India and visiting Hungary for the first time. He already was in Debrecen, where the Krishna community is running a vegetarian restaurant, called Govinda. By the way, all the followers of Krishna are vegetarian, they also do not eat onion and garlic. For them it is medicine and they only use it when they need it. In general they also are against certain substances, like coffee, tea, marijuana and LSD. Although here the opinion might differ depending on with with whom you talk. Asita Krishna Swami thinks they destroy your brain, but also has to admit that he never tried it.

Caitanya Candra das is here more open, like in many other topics, too. He was born and grew up in London, before a friend brought him to the Krishna community. “I was 18 and it was the best thing that happened in my life” Caitanya Candra remembered with his enchanting smile. Now he is 50 years old, married and lives in Somogyvámos, the village next to the Krishna valley. He told us that the Krishna valley celebrates this year its 25th year anniversary. He is happy that the goal of the Krishna valley, to give an environment for people to learn to love Krishna, is fulfilled.

And imagine, we met another member of the LoveRevolution: Rozi, the problem eater. She is wonderful and this is what she said: “If you have a problem, do not take it further. Put it in my belly and I give you free hug and a message for it.”.

Love and kisses,
Zoé and Joshua

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