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Wonders and changes in Hanover

We are back! Where we have been, hard to say. After two days of rest it all seems like a wonderful dream. Last week Tuesday we went to Hanover to participate on the Wunder Wandel Christmas Fair in Hanover. It was simply amazing.

Already the location is something that you have to see, because it cannot really be explained with words. It is the Ihme Zentrum in the heart of Linden, on of the most colorful and alive districts of the city.

Too big to fail, the Ihme Zentrum is a monumental ruin of the biggest concrete building in Europe. Thousands of people own here flats in high towers and the basement once have been shopping malls and garages. This was back in the 70’s. Since then the Ihme Zentrum went a long way. We do not want to tell everything. Just let us say: It is a place where time does not exist and everything is possible.

Last week a very special fair happened there: The Wunder Wandel Christmas Fair. More an alternative art festival with vegan food, cool music and workshops about sustainability, zero waste and sub-ground culture.

We were lucky to participate with our stand.

And even bigger luck: We had great neighbors. The fantastic artists from Art with Aliens.

Next year we will be back for sure.  Thanks to all of you and specially to Cora, Tim, Django and Olaf for making these days so special.

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