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Warrior of joy

My name is Wojciech – derives from the ancient Slavic language.
It means – The Warrior of Joy. “The one who was giving a courage to his fellowship on the battlefield.” 
I have found out this after 28 years of my life… 
It was at the time when I quit my job, sold my car and everything I had, and left the UK for travelling with my friend. One of the most amazing people I have ever met. 
True Shaman and Food Alchemist – Ronan O’meara. 
Didn’t know at the time I will never go back to so-called “Normal life” …
This Journey turned out to be my way to Freedom! 
Turned to be the life-changing experience…
Since then I went through a massive transformation. 
Both physical and mental. I have become a different person.
I have uncovered and still uncovering my true potential… 
I`ve become the Full-time Traveler, International Yoga teacher, Raw Food Chef, Detox Specialist and Shamanic Healer. 
But first in order to become everybody – in order to know that I can become anybody – I have truly become nobody – the Spirit. 
In this few years, I have traveled three Continents. I walked barefoot around India – Played music with Berbers in Africa. I’ve been waking up by Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, in the Forests… 
I`ve been Alive!!! 
I have seen so many beautiful places, met so many amazing people – and all of them, all of this People and all of this places and situations in my life, helped me to realize my true nature, allowed me to let go of what I was not!!!
Allowed me to see the reflection of my new self in them. 
Allowed me to become fully me – become whole – become –#BeYouTheFull.

My name is Wojciech – The Warrior of Joy !!!

I am here to encourage you to pursue your Freedom!
To shine your light!
To stay strong!
To REmember who you are !!!

and You are #BeYouTheFull# !!!

with LOVE,

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