coming home

When we arrived one week ago¬† from our travel to Frankfurt, Budapest and Berlin life seemed so different. Now we […]

On the path of the fox

“The universe is talking to us continously. But we have to stop the inner monologue and listen in the right […]

LoveRevolution in Italy

Finally we brought the LoveRevolution to Italy. Last night we were sleeping in Trieste, next to a orchestra of a […]

Free yourself – Take it easy

On Wednesday night our car broke down. But it is the same effort to make yourself happy, than to make […]

Giants with flowers in the hair

Last night we slept next to a group of flowergiants. And look how beautiful they are from close: We also […]

LoveRevolution in France

Finally we made it. Two days ago we arrived in France. And we brought the LoveRevolution with us. The first […]

Under the rainbow

The last days we discovered the north coast of Spain. We found bedrooms with view on the ocean for free… […]

On the road again

Finally we started our travel. Since Wednesday we are on the road again. Our first night we spent at the […]