coming home

When we arrived one week ago  from our travel to Frankfurt, Budapest and Berlin life seemed so different. Now we […]

Here and now

“No matter who we are or what we do or what we plan to accomplish or dream about? Life may […]

save NYC

It is not a secret, it is even quite obvious. Gentrification arrived in Bremen. If it is bad or good, […]

Space rocket to happiness

Bremen is full of great graffiti. This we realized one more time on Sunday when we made a bycicle tour […]

The return of Girasol

Imagine, this week our beloved mobile home, Girasol came back to Bremen. But wait, we do not even know if […]


If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel further, travel together. This picture is part […]

colours and love

We started the LoveRevolution in Bremen in the biggest garden in town: Port Piet, a cozy restaurant, next to the […]

The Vegan Revolution begins

So much has happened. Even if we wanted, we cannot tell you all at once. Let us begin with the […]