Shit to gold

Not always everything can work out perfect. We wanted to make a great post with beautiful pictures. But in the last rains of April our house got flooded and the laptop with our photo archive is still in the service. No picture, no post. What can you do? Lying in an embryo position and waiting for dawn, throwing your other remaining laptop against the wall or checking your e-mails and see what pictures you find.
And look what we found.

our car in Turkey

This is our car in Turkey. Maybe you know Zoé’s painting “Cats of Akbük”. This is the place where it was born. We were camping on the coast.  Over the water you could see Akbük, and behind the windmills, that turned in the night to gigantic cats. If you did not see the painting yet, you can find it in the Blueberry Beach Gallery. Have a look in the category Art.

Zoé in the clouds

This is Zoé in the clouds. She is standing on the top of an old castle and looking over the medieval city of Kotor, in Montenegro. We remember this days still very good. We came back from our four months travel through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. It was already winter and on our way through the Balkan, we were also passing the magical city of Kotor. And this is what Zoé was seeing:

roofs of Kotor (Montenegro)

The roofs of Kotor. We spent three days in a beautiful hostel, and discovered the city. More about Kotor you can find soon in our travelling diary “The journey of the swallows”. But you have to be a little bit patient. First we need to get back out photo archive. Now that we talk about “The journey of the swallows”, here is another picture from this travel:

bulgár éjszakák

Nights in Bulgaria. We specially like on the picture that you can see the moon and the sun at the same time. We made the photo, when we stayed on the coast of the Black Sea in the north of Bulgaria.
And by checking our e-mails, it seemed we spent half of our lifes on beaches.

beach camp on costa verde

Another beach camp of us, but this time 4000 km away from Bulgaria. It is the beach of Ajo, in the north of Spain. We already wrote about this day in our travelling diary “One week on the roof of the world and one month to come there”.
We discovered that there are not so many pictures of us on the homepage. But imagine, even this we could find in our e-mails.


This is Joshua, after he took a shower. We do not know the age of all of our readers, for that we croped the picture a little bit.


And this is one more time Zoé. How you can see, it was a little bit windy on that day.

We wish you a beautiful sunday!
Hugs and kisses,
Joshua and Zoé

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