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Let’s make vegan mainstream – my thoughts on seaspiracy

Joshua is informing about a vegan lifestyle and is wearing a vegan T-Shirt

If the following text should give partly a different impression, I would like to emphasize one thing first: I am convinced that anger harms ourselves above all and is unsuitable for a change in society. Specially in a direction of more love, more compassion, more understanding and respect.
But as you have probably already found out for yourself, it is this realization that poses a major challenge for you as a vegan in today’s society.

For me it became again actual, after I watched the movie “Seaspiracy” a while ago. You probably already have seen it and if not, I can only recommend it to you.

The movie made me think a lot and never really let me go.
Sadly, it was not surprising to me to see that humanity is killing life on a scale that is no longer really imaginable.
What really shocked me is how this cruelty and ignorance is not only covered by the police, politicians and even many environmental organizations, but is even supported with our money.

I’m probably just too naive. I also noticed before that the police are not really our friends, and perhaps never have been. But that in times of climate change the most important ecosystem on the planet is being completely senselessly destroyed and politicians not only not trying to stop it – what would be bad enough – but instead even actively supporting it, that gave me something to think about.

The fact that most of the so-called environmental protection organizations are actually just a fraudulent label bought by the economy and that their representatives in the interviews in the movie do not know the answer to the simplest questions and, on the whole, seem as if they had been brainwashed, was just the sad and shameful addition.

The film makes it relatively clear that all life on this planet depends on the ocean as an ecosystem. It also makes clear that in the year 2048, i.e. in 27 years, the ocean will in fact be empty and thus finally destroyed as an ecosystem. Which then would also lead to the end of mankind.
It also was made relatively clear that fishing represents the greatest threat. Whether through direct fishing (we have now killed more than 90% of all large fish), pollution of the oceans (imagine, 70% of the plastic waste in our ocean comes from the fishing industry), or massive environmental destruction through fishing methods such as trawling (like that every year around 1.5 billion hectares of the sea floor get destroyed).

The movie even shows the best and easiest method to stop this madness and to save the ocean and with it mankind. Namely not to eat any more fish.
What the film was unfortunately unable to clarify, even though it actually tries to find out, is the question: What are we waiting for? Or more precisely, what are the politicians, business representatives, police officers, lobbyists and all the people who still support this horrible mass murder with their diet and their actions. Yes, what are they waiting for?

Exactly such questions have been buzzing through my head since the film:
When will vegan finally become mainstream?
Do we even have the time to be patient?
And why is the topic still not of interest to everyone? Why are we still discussing football games, Grammy Awards, and whether or not we can go to the hairdresser’s for a few weeks (here in Germany the hairdressers were close in the lockdown and I got to known how important they seem to be for a lot of people)

It can’t just be the money, can it? I mean, most people don’t get rich, just a few, while the rest actually get poorer and poorer.
I think one of the problems is structural speciesism. The unfortunately deeply rooted assumption that a human life is worth more than the life of another being, just because it is a human life. And in fact, the majority of people still believe that.
That’s why the dear media representatives find it so difficult to write about these topics. Because they are perpetrators themselves and apparently prefer to use their energy to justify this lie to themselves than to change themselves and the circumstances.
That is why politicians cannot imagine that no fishing is a possible alternative. (Yes, in the movie an EU representative looks a bit perplexed and amazed when in an interview he is confronted with the suggestion that the best method to protect fish and the ocean, perhaps would be, just not to eat fish).
And that’s why the general public doesn’t care, because they like to eat fish themselves. And not only that, but also other animal products. And this way of life would of course be much more difficult to justify if one accepted that every living being has the same value, if exploitation and cruelty cannot be justified anymore because the victims have fur or horns, and that it is us, who are largely responsible by our consumption, for what ends up on the supermarket shelves.
But now enough grumbling and moaning. Bad energy definitely doesn’t help, so let’s focus on what we can do:

Stay positive:
It’s difficult. I don’t always succeed, but anger just doesn’t help. You only attract more bad energy, preoccupy yourself with bad thoughts instead of good ideas, and feel bad too, even though you actually have a wonderful life. So try to focus on the good things, attract positive people, and celebrate the changes in the right direction.

To become active:
It really is time for each of us to do something ourselves. Waiting for others is not an option. Every step counts. Whether the conversion of private pension schemes to socio-ecological index funds (it was the idea of ​​a friend of mine. I didn’t do any further research, but it’s at least an idea, right?), Chalk campaign in front of the supermarket, support for vegan artists, participation in demonstrations, that conscious cross at the next election or whatever. It’s a long way and we will only get there if we start and don’t stop walking.

Very important. Show people the truth. There are so many great documentaries out there. Seaspiracy is just one of them. Check it out for yourself. Find out more and share the information with everyone. With your friends, with your relatives, and at school and at work. Do not be afraid of annoying someone. It is absolutely worth it an never forget, you are not alone and the vegan movement is growing every day!

To be consequent:
I always put it this way: If we all eat minced meat, then the supermarket shelves are full of dead animals. If we are all vegan, the supermarket will turn from a cemetery into a garden. It’s up to us and our purchase decision. But veganism doesn’t stop at the edge of your plate. Support vegan artists and startups and do not buy movies, pictures or other products from speciesists.

To be generous:
We just have to forgive our dear fellow human beings, no matter how difficult it is. They probably just don’t know what they’re doing. I always tell myself that I haven’t always followed a vegan diet, that each of us doesn’t do everything right, but definitely doesn’t always do everything wrong, and that each of them will at some point realize that speciesism and animal products, just like the zoo and dolphinariums, or even circuses and leather bags are completely uncool.
But the most important thing is to be generous with yourself, too. Don’t get angry with yourself if you ever run out of patience, if you have not remained friendly in the face of the ignorance of mass murder, torture and cruelty. That’s OK. Your anger is justified and sometimes it needs to get out. Just forgive yourself, just as you usually forgive your fellow human beings. Because at the moment every bite and every heart that is open counts. By being vegan, you already make a big difference.

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