1. I am so happy for you ! It looks like a real home and it’s as it was designed for you ! The decor is so nice already.

    I was always curious about why you sold your property… But now I understand. You were never meant to stay at one place, you free souls 😀

    Have fun and enjoy your new cosy home on wheels, and if you’re around Mangualde, feel free to stop by !

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hey Lou, so nice to see you on Blueberry Beach.
      Yes, we love our new home and are really happy that we found it.
      In February we will still stay around Lisbon, because it is much more warm down here. But in march we will start to go to Hungary to begin the van conversion. If you are then around, we would love to stop by!
      Zoé and Joshua

  2. Anonymous

    Gratulálunk!Baleset mentes ,szép utazást kívánunk,Reméljük nem a távoli jövőben láthatunk benneteket.Hugónak sok puszi. Marika, Jenő.

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Köszönjük szépen! Tavasszal megyünk Magyarországra és akkor el is kezdünk építeni az új otthonunkon. Biztos akad majd munka a JoJének is. 🙂 Sok puszi és ölelés!

  3. Goran Premec

    Prekrasno,mercedes je neuništivi stroj,želimo vam puno sretnih kilometara,veliki pozdrav iz Hrvatske,Tamy & Goran

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Thank you very much. Until now we love our new home. In summer, when we are back in Hungary, we will start the big van conversion.
      Hugs, Zoé and Joshua

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