1. Pali

    Hey guys, I think,too, that cabbage is amazing. My favourite is stuffed cabbage. It is an traditional hungarian dish. Do you know it?

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hello Pali,
      Yes, we know it in two variations, one is with sour cabbage, the other with tomato sauce. We personally do not cook so much with meet, so we never made stuffed cabbage by ourselves. Zoé’s parents always make the one with tomato sauce, but Zoé likes the other one too. Which one you like more?
      Zoé and Joshua

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hey Klaudia,
      you are welcome. We make a yeast dough. This dough you can use many ways, you can fill it, you can roll it or you can make a bread out of it. One recipe for a yeast dough you can find in the Kitchen category, under Recipes with the title “Integral bread and salad…” .
      Have a beautiful day,
      Zoé and Joshua

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