1. Anna

    When I opened my e-mails, I found your invitation to the love revolution. I really like it. Me and my boyfriend are planning to travel too. Right now we are looking for the right car. Do you have recommendations? Kind regards, Anna

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hello Anna,
      thank you for your comment. Well, the best car is the car that you like. You should follow your heart. For us is important, that the car has a low consumption. We also like, if there is as less electronic inside as possible.
      We think pretty good cars are the old FIAT Dukato (up to ’94), VW Transporter (T2 or T3) and the old Mercedes buses. Also Toyota has a nice old bus.
      We do not know how much space you need, but Joshua was traveling before in a VW Golf II from 1988, that he built up to a little mobile home. If you have more questions, feel free to write us.
      Love and kisses
      Joshua and Zoé

  2. Chris

    Hey guys, I had an old Peugeot J5. It is like the Dukato, just that it is made in France. I loved it, I was travelling many times with it to Morocco. So Anna, if you find a J5, it is good, too. Have a nice day, Chris

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hey Chris,
      nice too see you on Blueberry Beach. We saw the J5 a few times on the road and it looks pretty sweet.
      For a long time we dream about going to Morocco, hopefuly this winter we can manage it.
      Zoé and Joshua

  3. Anna

    Thank you, guys. I checked the cars on the internet. My favorite is the ducato, I found a yellow one, it is really sweet.

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hello Anna,
      we can understand you completely. Once we fell in love with a yellow Ducato, too.
      Enjoy your weekend
      Zoé and Joshua

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