Blueberry Beach is rising

Hey you, it seems like eternity since we wrote here the last time. So many things has happened and like you see, on the homepage are loads of changes too.

We will tell you step by step everything. About our alternative gallery and open atelier in the Überseestadt in Bremen, about the midsommer night party and the Sommerfest with art and designer markt, that we organised, about our new urban garden project, the Übersee Garten and about the Vegan Summer Day in the fascinating Leipzig. But step by step, we also have to get back into this blogging thing. 🙂

So what has happened with the homepage? Well, we struggled with finding the perfect web designer since last year December, we were many times disappointed and betrayed. But now we finally found the perfect match. A young, dynamic web designer team, Sitequest with Carlo and Jonathan, who realize all our visions.

And Blueberry Beach, how we always imagined it, was born. We still have a lot of work to do, but the main idea you can already see. A multilingual page with gallery where you can see and buy our originals, a shop with art prints and our hand painted upcycled clothes, and a blog, where we can talk about sustainability, life as a vegan artist family and travel.

The blog and the gallery is only in the beginning, but the shop is already working. We will upload every day new products, so stay with us. One of our prints and the first piece of out clothes collection is already available.

“ACAB – All cows are beautiful” – upcycled black t-shirt

Here you can visit the shop:

We wish you an amazing day or night!
Love and kisses,
Zoé and Joshua

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