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follow your heart

Today we decided to move out of our house sharing project. Long time overdue step and it feels really good. Finally fresh air, new ideas. First we will fly to Hungary, then we will rock! Did we mention that the LoveRevolution in Bremen started? Yes, it really did!!! On Friday was the opening party in […]

catwalk in heaven

The last days were super exciting. Imagine, finally our new clothes collection arrived. This is one of the big surprises, that we did not tell you until now. Already in August we started to paint the pictures, that we wanted to print on the clothes. We decided for two motives, but look by yourself: We […]

The man with the yellow hat

The man with the yellow hat would never kill an animal. When he smokes, butterflies fly out of his pipe When he walks, flowers grow out of his footsteps When he smiles, the sun is smiling back He is a child of the wind, Born free like all of us.

Kitchen Session 2 – Kickstart in a fantastic day

Here is the second episode of our new cooking show. This time we share with you a recipe for a smoothie. Try it tomorrow morning and you will feel the sunshine running through your body. Love and kisses, Zoé and Joshua

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