New Home

In the last days a big change has happened in our life. We finally found our new home. It’s a […]

Rockstar Lesson 1

If you really want to rock, you need to play with heart. If you don’t like what you are doing, […]


Hugó thinks that life is a wooden box full of wonders.  He discovers every day new ones. He also made […]

Day 3: Pineapple Christmas

 A lot of love to all of you! We hope, you all had a great day. We made the best […]

We love Mondays

We love Mondays! Like any other day of the week. After a weekend of icerain and clouds today the sun […]

Vanlife sunset

“If something does not work out, something better will come”, this phrase of an old friend of mine still echos […]

12 lives in Portugal

Tomorrow we will finally cross the Rio Guadiana and enter Spain. Behind us are six weeks in Portugal that actually […]

Sunset in Silves

We decided that we will stay a few more days around the lake of Arade. For that we organized some […]