Like a phoenix

Yesterday Blueberry Beach came back from the dead. Although we just realize in the last minute that it has been […]

The key to happiness

Last weekend we visited an old friend of Joshua in Berlin. We had a great time and a lot of […]

colours and love

We started the LoveRevolution in Bremen in the biggest garden in town: Port Piet, a cozy restaurant, next to the […]

The Vegan Revolution begins

So much has happened. Even if we wanted, we cannot tell you all at once. Let us begin with the […]

Blueberry Beach Gallery

Welcome in the Blueberry Beach Gallery! Here we exhibit paintings of ZoĆ©, photos from our travel around the world and […]

Join the Love Revolution

Join the Love Revolution

“I have the feeling the people are caught in an invisible spiderweb. Nearly nobody is laughing anymore, everybody is always […]