Mr. Chick – original oil painting on canvas (20 cm x 20 cm)


Size: 20 cm x 20 cm

Material: oil paint, stretched canvas with a 2 cm frame

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I tell you a secret: I really did not like chicken before I got vegan. Maybe it was to justify my cognitive dissonance of eating them or maybe because when I was little, a chicken of my grandmother spiked me with her beak. But then I discovered what fascinating animals they are. Did you know that chicken love to play, can recognise people and can distinguish more than 100 faces of their species? They dream, make friends and have cognitive skills similar to a dog and cat.

Specially male chicks are treated really badly in the egg industry, you can google horror stories if you have a strong mind. This is the topic I wanted to raise attention to with this painting, to show how sweet and adorable little chicks are and with a little step like not supporting the egg industry we can do so much to protect them.

This painting is made with high quality oil colours on a stretched canvas.


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