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“Jack Buddhafly – Der Tanz der Schmetterlinge” a modern story for ages 16 and up


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Important: This is the original german version of the book. There is no english translation.

Paperback (14 cm by 21 cm) “Jack Buddhafly – Der Tanz der Schmetterlinge” (264 pages, black and white print)

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“Jack Buddhafly – The Dance of the Butterflies” is a modern story for ages 16 and up by Joshua Parksteinhoff

“God gave me wings to fly. But whenever I give my holey soul some time to catch up with me, this pain returns.
Nothing helps. I can have fun with women, with wine, with good weed, with MDMA, and sex.

But after each rush, the landing is only worse.
The taste of ash, reminiscent of the dreams I burn on trips, cannot be washed away, neither with champagne nor with melancholy.

But guess what, I have hope again.
It’s because of this melody, which I still feel deep within me and which whispers to me that a great journey is beginning.”
Jack Buddhafly


Joshua Parksteinhoff’s books are colorful and wild – just like his life. As a professional musician, he toured Europe for many years before opening his own studio as a painter in Berlin Kreuzberg. He also worked as a freelance author for textbook publishers, daily newspapers and magazines. He now lives in Leipzig and runs the Blueberry Beach Studio together with the painter Zoé Keleti.

In his works the boundaries between reality and fantasy merge. He takes readers on a journey through fascinating worlds and at the same time raises profound, philosophical questions.

His books are a source of inspiration, encourage readers to see the world with new eyes, provide chapter-by-chapter entertainment of the highest level, and at the same time satisfy even the most demanding intellectual needs.

A central aspect of Joshua’s work is his resolute commitment against any form of discrimination. He advocates for diversity, equality and tolerance and uses his books as a call for more love and less hate.


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