What we need is love.  A beautiful way to spread some love and connect people is a present box.


A present box is a box, where you can put presents and/or take what you find in the box. You can install it pretty much everywhere: in your school, at your workplace, in your flatsharing community, on a bus station, in a park, in a bar..

We like the present box, because you can bring love and colours on a place without anybody complaining. Who wants to complain about a present box? It is anonym, everybody can participate at any time on their own way. You can just take out some presents, or put inside something that someone else might like.  And you can decorate it, in this it is a little bit like a graffiti.

present box 2

Also it is is very easy to build a present box. If you want to see, how we built our first one and install it in a night action in the building of the local association of Landeira, clicke here: What a night!

The boxes we installed until now, were just the beginning. We are planning to install plenty more. Follow us, and you will find out, where.