Coming Home

When you think it is impossible, that a baby starts to travel, you better ask Hugo …

pic 1

Imagine, we just came back from an epic journey through four countries, two capitals and the hometown of Joshua.

First we went to Budapest. Here we had a look in the Szimpla ….

pic 2pic 3

drunk an ice coffee …

pic 4

and took the night train from the Keleti Station to Berlin.

pic 5

pic 6

Joshua lived many years in the capital of Germany, but this time we were a little bit disappointed. It seemed they sold the whole city. The colourful lights were beautiful for one night, but we did not find much soul behind the facade.

Nevertheless we had a good time and some of the nice places still exist. For example the Nepal Haus in Kreuzberg.

pic 7

From Berlin we went with the train to the hometown from Joshua.

There we had a relaxed and wonderful time.

pic 8

When we came back. Nothing was like it was before. We rediscovered our island …

pic 9

pic 10

and our car made a big change.

pic 11

Love and kisses,
Zoé, Joshua and Hugó

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    1. Hey Timi, he is growing every day incredible much. We see it also, when we are watching the pictures. Hugs

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