Love. Peace. Unity

Love.Peace.Unity Our message for Bolsonaro, Trump and Co Ag: Love yourself, be happy about the unique beauty of every soul and forgive yourself.  You are not alone, nobody wants to take away anything from you and life is actually beautiflul.  Although sometimes it might might seem a little bit difficult, we believe, that nobody is […]

Welcome in our new shop!

In the middle of the corona crisis we were in the last weeks busy building up our new shop in Leipzig. It is going much slower than expected, specially that we have no child care. So we have to always have little Hugó with us by hanging the pictures on the walls. And of course […]

Love more.

A few weeks ago we could not imagine that the world changes so much in so little time. That all the art fairs that we planed to participate are cancelled, that all shops are closed, borders exist again and people around are full of fear, uncertainty and suspicion. We think that now it is more […]

Hey Leipzig

Hey you, long time we have not been on Blueberry Beach. But now that we are here again, the warm wind blowing in our hair and the sun on our skin is very inviting to stay a bit. Imagine, we moved to Leipzig, and since that we were a little bit busy with bureaucracy and […]

Blueberry Beach is rising

Hey you, it seems like eternity since we wrote here the last time. So many things has happened and like you see, on the homepage are loads of changes too. We will tell you step by step everything. About our alternative gallery and open atelier in the Überseestadt in Bremen, about the midsommer night party […]

Wonderful Vegan Street Day

Imagine, yesterday we were on the vegan street day in Dortmund. Specially for Joshua, who grew up in this area it was a very special day. We loved to see how big and vital the vegan scene in Dortmund is. Thank you for everybody who was there and made the day so special. Unfortunately we […]

LoveRevolution – The summer fest

Hey, you did not hear about us for a long long time. Huh, we are super busy right now with working on our new homepage design, building up our gallery, starting an urban garden project, the Übersee Garten, and preparing for the Vegan Street Day in Dortmund. But now we are here, and we will […]

The neverending journey

The neverending journey or how Sahi found the paradise in herself Where to look for happiness? Difficult question, easy answer. Happiness you can only find in yourself. This is what I realized by standing at 6 in the morning with no sleep behind me with a brush in my hand in front of this canvas. […]

Day 3: Pineapple Christmas

 A lot of love to all of you! We hope, you all had a great day. We made the best chocolate cake in the world. With avocados and almonds. The recipe comes soon on Blueberry Beach. We decided that instead of a pine tree, we will decorate a pineapple for Christmas. We love this idea […]

Blueberry Beach Gallery

Welcome in the Blueberry Beach Gallery! Here we exhibit paintings of Zoé, photos from our travel around the world and selected works from guest artists. All our pictures are for sale as print or as original. If you are interested, please contact us: Paintings of Zoé Keleti: Bubbles in the sky (soft pastel, Chinese […]