My favourite recipe for lentil schnitzel and Rizi Bisi

joshua presents his favourite vegan recipe and a vegan t-shirt

Since my time in Spain, lentils are one of my all-time favorite ingredients in the kitchen. You can get them cheap anywhere, easily store them and they have really great nutritional value. 100 grams of lentils have 26 grams of protein but only 2 grams of fat. They also supply our body with important minerals […]

Let’s make vegan mainstream – my thoughts on seaspiracy

Joshua is informing about a vegan lifestyle and is wearing a vegan T-Shirt

If the following text should give partly a different impression, I would like to emphasize one thing first: I am convinced that anger harms ourselves above all and is unsuitable for a change in society. Specially in a direction of more love, more compassion, more understanding and respect.But as you have probably already found out […]

Can art be vegan and why is it important?

Joshua sitzs in fromt of a great painting of zoé

What does vegan mean for you? For me it means love for life, respect and compassion regardless of whether someone is black or white, feels like a man or woman, or has fur or horns.And this love does not begin on my plate and does not end there. Not only do I eat plant-based foods, […]

My recipe for vegan pizza Hawaii gluten-free

I have to admit: I love pizza. Already as a little boy it was for me the biggest joy to sit with my family in a pizzeria in Bibione (Italy) or – back home – to the little Italian restaurant on the corner.Just the smell was fantastic and I simply never got bored of pizza. […]

5 reasons why I am vegan

Love for everyoneWhen I ask you to close your eyes and imagine your perfect world, what do you see?I see a world full of happiness and love. I see children laughing with their grandparents, young people dance and I feel a warm light in me. It is love and just like the sun, it shines […]

Many reasons why we love upcycling clothes

Did you know that you need 2700 liters of water to produce a new T-shirt? We were shocked. While planet earth is getting hotter and hotter and drinking water is getting scarcer, we waste millions of liters of water to make clothes that, in the worst case, only lie in our closet. Something is going […]

The never ending journey – travel inside and save the world

here you se the beautiful artist Zoé keleti next to her amazing picture "the never ending journey"

Life is a neverending journey and what wonder will we find on our way if we walk with an open heart? Zoé gave me an answer to this question with her picture “The Neverending Journey”. In the shine of thousands of stars, it shows a free and colorful world in which we all live happy […]

5 things that make us happy in lockdown

Zoé Keleti and Hugó

Have you ever tried to illustrate a book together with your three year old son? Well, the lockdown makes it possible. Like so much else.If you had thought before that already reading a book with a child, who constantly wants to play, eat or be occupied in some other way, would not be possible, you […]

The man with yellow hat – finally with us

Yesterday we just came back from Bremen, where we closed a big circle.Among moving out of our garden place and getting a 30 years old cactus, we also catched Zoé’s painting, The man with yellow hat.It was on an exhibition in the frame of Kuns.Hafen.Walle.This painting is a very special piece, because it is one […]

Love. Peace. Unity

Love.Peace.Unity Our message for Bolsonaro, Trump and Co Ag: Love yourself, be happy about the unique beauty of every soul and forgive yourself.  You are not alone, nobody wants to take away anything from you and life is actually beautiflul.  Although sometimes it might might seem a little bit difficult, we believe, that nobody is […]