Like a phoenix

Yesterday Blueberry Beach came back from the dead. Although we just realize in the last minute that it has been […]

My new year’s resolutions

Happy new year to all of you! I have the feeling 2019 will be the year. The year of love, […]

Baloontrip to Shai lu Rá

Do you want to join us on a balloon trip over the colourful streets of Shai lu Rá, the city […]

coming home

When we arrived one week ago  from our travel to Frankfurt, Budapest and Berlin life seemed so different. Now we […]

The key to happiness

Last weekend we visited an old friend of Joshua in Berlin. We had a great time and a lot of […]

Riding to the future

Right now we are sitting in our bed. It is late and we are tired from another beautiful day in […]

Live, love, play

Follow your heart and don’t be afraid. Dare to live, dare to love and dare to play. This is how […]