pizza and sunshine

Today one more time summer came back to Bremen. We used the sunshine and the blue sky to ride with […]

Stop the holocaust!

The holocaust is still happening in front of our eyes. Living beings spend their life in horrible circumstences, they get […]

Open letter to all mothers

(This letter is also available in Hungarian. A levél magyar változatáért kattintsatok ide: Nyílt levél az anyákhoz ) Hello, my […]

Brothers from different mothers

“Brothers from different mothers”, oil on canvas, by Hartmut Kiewert   Today we have been on the vegan summer fest […]

Go Vegan! – The Exhibition

On the weekend our new exhibition started. For us it is important that each exhibition has a message. The last […]

The Vegan Revolution begins

So much has happened. Even if we wanted, we cannot tell you all at once. Let us begin with the […]

Free yourself – Go vegan

For a few weeks we eat vegan and we love it. We never liked meat so much and for long […]