Spirits of Prague

We are always on the hunt to find the best photos to show you.  This time we proudly present a […]

The man with the yellow hat

The man with the yellow hat would never kill an animal. When he smokes, butterflies fly out of his pipe […]

save NYC

It is not a secret, it is even quite obvious. Gentrification arrived in Bremen. If it is bad or good, […]

Space rocket to happiness

Bremen is full of great graffiti. This we realized one more time on Sunday when we made a bycicle tour […]

colours and music

Today we visited a friend of us in his studio-atelier in the Kellogg’s Factory to talk about the recording of […]

Brothers from different mothers

“Brothers from different mothers”, oil on canvas, by Hartmut Kiewert   Today we have been on the vegan summer fest […]


If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel further, travel together. This picture is part […]

dead man – new song

  Imagine, by writing this line we are sitting under the stars on our roof terrace of the Villa Medici. […]

travel together

In the last weeks we were a little bit out of the digital world and concentrated on building up our […]

Go Vegan! – The Exhibition

On the weekend our new exhibition started. For us it is important that each exhibition has a message. The last […]