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5 reasons why I am vegan

Love for everyone
When I ask you to close your eyes and imagine your perfect world, what do you see?
I see a world full of happiness and love. I see children laughing with their grandparents, young people dance and I feel a warm light in me. It is love and just like the sun, it shines for everyone. Because love knows no borders.
I see a young couple walking hand in hand through the park. Black and white, like Jing and Jang. Because love knows no color of skin.
I see two men in a cafe in Warsaw. One holds a rose, the other his hand. I visit Mathilde and Lola at their wedding, laugh and dance and drink with them – because love knows no gender.
I come home and see a small child and a piglet in the yard next door. They run in circles laughing, one catching the other. And when they have each other, they roll over and hug and are happy that the other is there. Because love knows no you or me, no black and no white and also no pig or human.
Love does not discriminate, does not exploit, loves every life, whether small or large. Racism, sexism, speciesism and Co, all these grimaces are unknown. That’s why I’m vegan.

Self love
My love for everyone doesn’t stop with me. Maybe it even starts with me. That’s why I wish myself a happy life. I am convinced that one of the greatest sources of happiness is your own health. And among a few other factors, diet plays a very important role in this: You are what you eat.

That fruits and vegetables are good for us needs no further explanation. And they taste so wonderful, as sweet as love, of sun and earth, of air and water and not of … oh, at this point I don’t want to write about antibiotics, bars and fear of death.
I love life and life loves me. That’s why I’m vegan

Planet / climate change
Did you know that you need 2700 liters of water to produce a new T-shirt? Madness. I was definitely shocked when I found out about it. But it is getting even worse: How much water do you think is needed for 1 kilo of pork. A total of 4500. Almost twice as much as for a T-shirt, except that a kilo of pork doesn’t last that long. That’s a pretty large amount what is wasted for bratwurst and co. Especially because it can also be made from plants. But now the biggest shock. I also checked how much water is needed for one kilo of beef. Well, guess what. Namely 15,500 liters. That means, if I make a Lasagne Bolognese on the weekend and steak again on Sunday, I have messed up the amount of water that five families in Africa (20 people) could drink for a whole year. And the plane that usually brings our beef from Brazil could also fly the water to Africa.
Well, that climate change is really happening and water is one of the most precious resources, we don’t need to discuss anymore. Otherwise, please just read my last blog article. There I wrote about my experience as a climate refugee and my search for water in Portugal.
Or the same thing completely differently: We can build space rockets to escape to Mars, we can build sandcastles on the moon, but the earth is the only planet with daisies.
Well, you know what I mean. Why invest billions to survive on a lump of frozen sand when we are actually in the middle of paradise. Maybe we should just stop systematically destroying it, start putting all that money and effort into making this wonderful gift even more beautiful every day. I mean just what is grown to feed all the animals could probably fill two planets …
So because I want my child and all the other children to have such a beautiful planet the day after tomorrow and even more beautiful, that’s why I’m vegan.

Yes, also this article is about Corona. But not about the daily number of cases, the pros and cons of wearing a mask and about vaccination. No, the point is to see the pandemic not as a cause, but rather as a consequence.
Namely as a result of mismanagement and a lifestyle that has not only led to total alienation from nature and life itself, but has meanwhile severely threatened these two. Somehow it should be clear that we need to rethink. Of course it is crazy that the very same people that led us into this situation now want to try to lead us out of the situation again without any real change in structure. In modern psychology, this action actually already fulfills the definition of insanity. Namely, do the same thing but expect a different result.
We can see it right now on the mutations. When one wave is over, the next comes. Once we have overcome a pandemic, a new one is rising. We swing on a roaring ocean, lightning and thundering above us and we’re just sitting in a small nutshell. Something like that, I imagine the situation of our society right now.
Submerge, vaccinate, emerge, desperately gasp for air, submerge, re-vaccinate, reemerge, and again desperately gasp for air. Wearing a mask, lockdown, depression and whatnot is simply no alternative.
So, cards on the table, here we go. We’ve been indifferent, greedy, and maybe a little sluggish long enough. We need to save not just ourselves but the whole planet. We need living nature, healthy seas and biodiversity. We must finally stop the pull of violence, madness and ignorance before it pulls us all into the abyss.
Perhaps we can see this pandemic not only as a consequence of a greater cause, but also as an opportunity. That’s why I’m vegan.

I live my utopia
Knowledge is power, but only if you use it.
I see this often in people around me, even in some very dear ones. Somehow the topic turns to veganism. You exchange your points of view, discuss a little and in the end everyone agrees that in a time when a plant-based diet is not only possible but also healthy, there are actually no reasons not to become vegan. Especially when you consider the huge disadvantages of animal production for the planet, for humanity, for yourself and above all for the animals.
And then these lovely people go home and have a sausage sandwich for dinner.
It’s as if the conversation hadn’t even taken place before.
Or these dear people come back from their trip around the world and tell me about terrible scenes that they have observed. How street dogs suffered in Turkey, how a horse was mistreated in the alleys of Cairo and how sad it was to see how the animals were treated at a market in China. Really awful. I also find all of this terrible and I wish that we can take a step together to avoid this,completely unnecessary suffering.
Only when I point out to the dear people that this is everyday life for many animals in food production, and sometimes even worse, then somehow it doesn’t click.
Then they often look at me with strangely dead eyes, pour milk into their coffee and shake their heads. They think it’s really bad, but they don’t change it, even though it is they who are responsible. Because here in the western world we live in a market economy. Demand determines supply. If we all buy minced meat, the shelves are full of dead animals. But when we buy vegan products, the supermarket turns from a cemetery into a garden.

Because I don’t just want to talk, but also want to do something, because I don’t want to shrug my shoulders when my son asks me in horror in 20 years’ time how all this was possible – that’s why I’m vegan.

Because I love life and myself, because I am for freedom and against exploitation, because I find racism and sexism just as poor as speciesism, because I like daisies and spring meadows, snowball fights and bathing lakes, autumn leaves and the twittering of birds, because I don’t feel like having cold feet on the moon and don’t feel like talking to my son in the other room via Skype in a diving suit with a sterile glass dome over my head – that’s why I’m vegan. And you?

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