LoveRevolution Here and Now Jeans shirt


LoveRevolution jeans shirt

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“No matter who we are or what we do or what we plan to accomplish or dream about? Life may be a journey but the Greatest of all the secrets LIFE CAN ONLY BE LIVED MOMENT BY MOMENT. Now is all we will ever have. Now is shimmering jewel of existence. If we are not fully in this moment, it will be gone forever and we will have missed it. When we start to live moment by moment, we start to appreciate simplycity of life. It is a way of getting to know yourself. It moves us in the direction we meant to go, and we flow with the movement, trusting this unknown current. Through this simple attention we allow ourselves to see and feel the world as it is, always was and always will be – Miraculous, Wondrous, filled with Mistery and Magic”

                   Sam Kheira

This is an upcycled second hand jeans shirt. On the back of the shirt we sewed a black, printed cotton. Above it we painted “LoveRevolution”.

On the front pocket we sewed a wooden button in the shape of a bird, and on the left front corner you can find the logo of the first Blueberry Beach Collection:

The collection is limited for 50 pieces, every item is unique.

Material: Cotton
Size: M

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