1. Vera

    With this you are right: if you love life, life loves you. I am happy to read that you are good. Take care of you and bring Hugo safe back to Hungary. See you soon in Budapest.

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hello Vera,
      thank you very much. We try our best to take care of Hugo. Watch our new post, there you will see how pretty he is now.
      Love and kisses

  2. Ronnie Colen

    very good comment on the inferno around and in Landeira. Indeed, a Paradise lost ! ….fauna and flora destroyed… thousands of bees were burned in their hives…it will take years and years for nature to be restored.

    • Zoé and Joshua

      Hello Ronnie,
      good to see you on Blueberry Beach. You are right, the forest fires are a real tragedy, but this is life. Now it is up to us how to react. It can also be the turning point and the beginning of a new chapter.
      Hugs and see you soon
      Zoé and Joshua

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Zoe and Joshua
    1st of all congratulations on your beautiful happy life and Hugo 😄
    I’ve been to Paradise this week, just as the fires calmed down and thankfully they did, it is for sure a protected place 😉
    I would very much like to ask you some questions about the place if you don’t mind? (I think my home might be there…) could we maybe have a little chat on skype (nattydias) or mail (nd.nataliadias@googlemail.com) please.
    Obrigada 💚

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