Pancake tower – apple and pear with chocolate sauce

First you make the filling. For the apple-pear filling you need:
a spoon of coconut grease
3 apples
2 pears
2 spoons of brown sugar
a pinch of salt
a pinch of lemongrass
a pinch of pepper
Slice the apples and the pears and fry it on the coconut grease. Add sugar and after the sugar is caramelised, add the other spices.

frying the apples

Then we make the vanilla sauce:
250 ml of natural yoghurt
1 spoon of sugar
half a vanilla stick
few drops of plum pálinka (or other nice shot)
We mix all together.

For the chocolate sauce:
1 spoon of coconut grease
1 spoon of sugar
2 spoons of cacao
bit of milk
Heat the grease on low heat, put sugar, then cacao, then a bit of milk and mix it all together.

Then we prepare the pancake:
12 big spoon of flour (we take integral)
2 spoon of cacao
dark chocolate pieces
1 pinch of salt
200ml of milk
300ml of water
1 egg
Mix the ingredients together. Heat in a pancake pan a spoon of oil, and pour a ladle of the dough in it. Fry both sides.

Now you have to put together the tower. Specially here you can freestyle. In general you put one pancake on a plate, on it the apple-pear filling and the vanilla sauce. Then you cover it with another pancake. Continue like this until you have no pancake left. We also put marmalade, cacao and coconut in between. Cover the top with chocolate sauce, grinded coconut and a bit of the apple-pear filling.


applechoco pencaketower