Living with bees

We want to keep our own bees. But we want to work with the bees and not against them. We want that the bees are happy with us.
We do not want to take away the winter honey of the bees, because we do not want to feed them with sugar. They work all year and deserve a peaceful winterrest in their own hive with their own supply.
Additionally we think, that everybody does the best job if they are happy. And we always look for quality and not for quantity. Specially with food.

On a german website we found a project that seems very promising for us. You do not need much money and once you started it, you need much less effort. Why? Because the bees are happy and work for themself.

By the way, the website is

They explain everthing very good, unfortunatly theu do not have really any english section.  But on blueberrybeach we will document every step in this amazing project. Like always with text and photos.
So if you are interested, come with us.

Right now we start to build our first box and try to get a  bee swarm. But in Portugal already this is quite of a mission.

Soon we will write more

keep in touch
take care

Joshua and Zoé