Life is nothing

Life is nothing but a dream to dream for a while. Dream it loud and dream it wild.

echos of the night

We woke up in Saint Jean de Luz in the south-west of France. The pictures of the night were still spinning in our head and it felt if we would be still dancing on the tables in this little tapas bar in the north of Spain.

tapas bar in the north of spain

We drunk a tea, took a warm shower and made some yoga on the beach. Then we continued our travell on the west coast of France. In the late afternoon we arrived in Mimizan. After we took a nap we walked in the little streets of the town and ended in a french restaurant. And well, what they say about french kitchen is true.

Now we are sitting in the last open bar of Mimizan. And while the electrobeats floating through the night we suddenly remember and old, familiar song:
… life is nothing but a dream to dream for a while …
or is it the ocean who is singing to us?

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