Integral bread and salad with walnut, eggs and mozzarella


For the salad we took half a lettuce, 2 tomatoes, four eggs, 10 walnuts, one mozzarella, a little red onion and a little bit of pickled cabbage.
We cooked the eggs, cut everything in little pieces and mixed it. To it we made a fresh dressing out of three spoons of tejföl. It is a hungarian speciality. If you can not find it, sour cream will do it, too.
The tejföl we mixed with pumpkinseed oil, home made chilli paste, green pepper, a little bit of nutmeg, half a tea spoon of raw brown cane sugar and a pinch of salt.

For the bread first we let the yeast come: Put in a mug yeast in little pieces (around 20 g), add one spoon of raw brown cane sugar and pour over lukewarm water. Leave it for 5 minutes until there is a kind of foam on the top. Take a bigger bowl (better glass or clay, not metal), pour the yeast with the water inside and mix it with one spoon of grease. This time we took goose grease, but any kind of oil or grease is good. Add a pinch of salt, and start hand by hand mixing the flour in it. First with a wooden spoon, and then when the dough is not anymore so sticky, with hand. Mix the dough until you can form a kind of ball out of it that do not stick on your hand. Then sprinkle a hand of flour over it, cover the bowl with a clean cotton and leave it on a warm place for at least half an hour, better is an hour. Then work on it one more time with your hands, oil a baking sheet, put the dough on it, flatten it a bit (to around 3 cm), and cut with a knife squares on the top. Leave it for 20-30 minutes on 200 degree in the oven until it is getting nice brown and crispy.