Dancing with the hurricane

What will you see when you watch in the eye of a hurricane? 
Maybe you will see yourself. Free from the expectations and fears of other people, living your life and dreams without any limit. 
Maybe you will see the universe. The sun and the moon kissing and stars dancing around a tree that carries all the planets on its brunches. 
And maybe you will see that it is both the same. 

This foto we made on the beach of the Netherlands in the year 2017. For a week we had really bad weather and the night before this shot we had to sleep on a parking. When we woke up very early next to three school buses, the travel got to another level. Suddenly everything was beautiful. 
On this day we found the beauty in a grey sky and realized that it is the same effort to make yourself happy as to make yourself miserable. 

It is an art print in a unique antique frame that we found on a flea market, and fell in love with it directly.

The size of the picture is 33 cm x 29 cm

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