1. […] The next day everything was prepared for leaving, when life made an unexpected turn. We came back from a walk to the magical forest next to us, when our phone was lighting: a message of an old friend has arrived. It was Balázs, also known as Seamus Connelly, the drummer of Paddy and the Rats. Finally the impossible seemed again possible. Since March this year Joshua wanted to record his new album, “Love is our aeroplane”, but again and again it was not working. Now that we look back it seems life was just waiting for the right moment for us. Spontanious, we drove to Budapest and met with Balázs in the practicing room of Paddy and the Rats. Joshua was playing with him a few songs and we spent a beautiful evening together. If you want to read more, here is the link: An evening with Seamus Connelly. […]

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