About Blueberry Beach

All the little fat birds,
all the gnomes living in hidden caves next to the highway,
all the flowers,
all the trees,
all the streetdogs,
all the streetcats,
all the homeless people,
rise one more day.
“Life is in the moment”, they shout in a chorus of laughing.
It is like an explosion of colours on a black carnvas.

Love is in the air.
Can you feel it? We can!
We are running, no, we are flying,
breathing life with every step, embracing the universe while the sunlight runs through all our veins.

“You are heroes”, is written with white clouds on crystal blue sky.
Maybe we will not win this war,
but we proved one more time:
Love is possible!

This homepage is the result of a travel through over 20 countries and four continents.

We were sitting in countless streetcafés, talked to so many people, saw and heard stories for more than a lifetime. We were fighting with the bloodhounds of Vegas and said goodbye to old friends, that are waiting for us on Nirvana Beach. We were crying, laughing and sometimes shouting into the emptiness of peoples eyes. We were eating chocolate cake in the rain and nearly lost our dog to a fisherman in Troia. We are the children of the wind, we are carrying all the colours in our wings. Wherever we go wonders grow out of our footsteps.

We want to change the world and we want to gather the army of love.
This homepage is the first step. We want to share art, ideas, love and experience. We hope everybody can find something or add the missing part of the puzzle.